Frelow & Associates is working with Morningside Center to support
organizational and leadership development.

Morningside Center was founded in 1982 by educators who saw that young
people were the key to a future without war and hatred. The organization (then
called Educators for Social Responsibility Metro) began working in
collaboration with New York City public schools to teach young people skills
in peacemaking using engaging and interactive techniques.

And so began the Resolving Conflict Creatively Program, a practical, field-
tested curriculum that aimed to “increase the peace” by helping young people
learn skills ranging from active listening to respecting differences to peer

Since then, Morningside Center has become a national leader in the fields of
social & emotional learning (SEL) and restorative practices. Morningside
Center has partnered with hundreds of schools throughout NYC and nationally
to develop and research innovative and engaging preK-12 programs
including The 4Rs, C Squad, Building Belonging, Restore360, and our PAZ
after-school programs

Through the years, Morningside Center has also worked closely with
researchers to evaluate the impact of our work. Two major studies found that
thei programs have a positive effect on students’ social and emotional
competency and behavior, their academic performance, and the classroom

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