The Atlantic Fellows for Racial Equity (AFRE) is a fellowship program that brings together accomplished individuals from diverse backgrounds to fuel new strategies for addressing, dismantling and transforming the power structures that perpetuate anti-Black oppression. They aspire to build an enduring network of transnational, cross-sectoral leaders dedicated to creating the institutions, narratives and policies that will advance racial equity and justice.

AFRE is based at New York’s Columbia University and the Nelson Mandela Foundation in Johannesburg, and engages the expertise of strategic partners in each country.

AFRE’s values are rooted in the belief that justice, transformation, imagination, integrity and ubuntu are vital for social change.

  • Justice — They aspire to create a fair society that affords all people equal opportunities to thrive.
  • Ubuntu  — They embrace a praxis of shared humanity, openness, and dignity.
  • Imagination  — They engage in critical, innovative and reflective thinking to envision and enact a yet-to-be-seen future of equitable societies.
  • Integrity — They are committed to being ethical, professional, reliable and authentic in all our words and actions.
  • Transformation — They believe that self-renewal, creativity, and learning are essential to the process of structural change for achieving racial equity.

Frelow & Associates is working with AFRE to support organizational and leadership development.

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